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Sea people                          (1979, Boot, 8BOS-7197)

  1. Reels (Sheehan's and The Sligo Maid)

  2. Now I'm Sixty Four

  3. Brand New Song

  4. Cape Breton Dream

  5. Johnny I hardly knew Ye

  6. Star Of Logy Bay

  7. I Followed Her Into The West

  8. Molly Bawn

  9. Selection Of Reels

  10. The Boston Burglar

  11. Drunken Sailor

  12. Sea People

  13. Glimpse of Heaven

First recorded in Nov. 1976  for the album Brand New Songs.
(Except Star Of Logy Bay and Selection of Reels, first recorded in 1980)

Dermot  O'reilly

Denis Ryan

Fergus O'Byrne