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Television Series    

"Ryan's Fancy" 

(Series summary from The Queens University Directory Of CBC Television Programs.)

Air Times:
1972: Jan 7 - Apr 1, Fridays,  7:30 - 8:00 pm
1978: June 13 - Sept. 5, Tuesdays, 7:30 - 8:00 pm
1981: June 20 - Sept. 5, Saturdays, 6:30 - 7:00 pm

Denis Ryan, Dermot O' Reilly, and Fergus O'Byrne comprised the Irish string band, Ryan's Fancy. Their syndicated series, which also starred Tommy Makem, had run for three years, and was produced through the independent Hamilton station, CHCH-TV. Each show in their CBC series, as might be expected, included a segment of performances in front of an audience, taped in St. John's. What made the show different, however, was that the band and the crew traveled to different locations in the Atlantic provinces to set the themes of the individual programs of songs of the sea, of Atlantic Canada, and from the Celtic tradition. Producer Jack Kellum, for example, set shows on a Newfoundland schooner, in the Dorchester penitentiary in New Brunswick, and on Prince Edward Island--a place seen all too seldom on the CBC. The film segments were shot by Douglas Pike, with sound by Bill Murphy and lighting by Les Button, and they were edited by Joe Murphy. The production enlisted the services of folklorist Wilf Wareham for research, and the shows were written by Al Pittman.

Network programs from the Atlantic centres are all too rare, and Ryan's Fancy was a creditable example of how productions might advance from the tried and true models of Don Messer's Jubilee and Singalong Jubilee. 

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"Tommy Makem and Ryan's Fancy"


From July to September, 1974, Ryan's Fancy also starred in "Tommy Makem and Ryan's Fancy" out of Hamilton.

Episode 6;





All On A Summer's Day                                      
CBC, July 5 1979

Ryan's Fancy at Kings Landing Pioneer Village n New Brunswick. Guests are Jennifer Whalen, Mike MacDougall, James Keane & Warwick Learning.

Christmas At King's Landing                        
CBC, Dec. 26 1979

Ryan's Fancy Return to King's Landing for a Christmas Special.

Home Boys Home                                                 
CBC,  June 1, 1980

Ryan's Fancy return home to Ireland & perform for family & friends. Special guest is Mary O'Hara.

People Of The Islands                                  
CBC, June 5 1980

Part of the "Heritage" series, Ryan's Fancy perform at the Anglican church hall in Arnolds Cove, Placentia Bay. Interview with poet Al Pittman who wrote the words of The  Rocks of Merasheen & Pat Byrne who wrote the music. They also visit various abandoned islands in Placentia Bay. Guests also include Clyde Rose.


Pirate's Gold                                                   
CBC, Feb. 2 1983

Two children, Sheelagh Chadwick and Jamie Pinhorn go to Kidd Island, which is haunted, looking for pirates gold. Show features Ryan's Fancy, Beth Harrington and Michael Cook as the ghost of Captain Kidd.